Get Flocked – Series 1

Flocked concept artGET FLOCKED is a six-part animated series, currently in the latter stages of production, following the (mis)adventures and love/hate (but mostly love) relationship of two surprisingly down-to-earth seagulls, Ron and Reg.

It is written by Jason Smart, with voice work by Christophe Philipps and Laura Tindle, and animated by Sarah… And with a catchy theme tune by Christophe, too!

It’s fresh, funny, and sheds new light on what our fine, feathered friends really think about themselves, the world, and us – the humans they live wing-to-shoulder with.

All six episodes are recorded and Sarah is currently working her magic, while Jason, Christophe and Laura are busy working on the scripts for series 2.

Watch this space – series 1 is due to land in the coming months. But you can catch Episode One – REGULL RON – below: