All’s Fair In Love And Tinder – Series 1 (Is The Loneliest Number)

IMG-20160907-WA0008Our second production was the six-episode web series, All’s Fair In Love And Tinder – Series 1 (Is The Loneliest Number), a no-holds-barred look at the highs and (mostly) lows of internet dating, all based on the real experiences of writer/director Kelly Michelle Gray, featuring Christophe Philipps as ‘the dates’.

Released weekly on YouTube throughout summer 2016, the series has been a hit – striking a humorous, often cringe-inducing chord with audiences of all ages.

150929_CP_colour_1k-261So much so, in fact, that we’re now in production on Series 2 (Be, Or NOT 2 Be), which swaps the central idea around so that it’s the true stories of Christophe’s failed attempts at dating, with Kelly as ‘the dates’ he encounters. . . And Series 3 (Is A Crowd), which shows how it’s sometimes the other people – friends, family, even exes – who get in the way on the rocky road that is dating.

Watch this space for more, or see Series 1 (Is The Loneliest Number) below.

Episode 1 – The First Swipe

Episode 2 – Tapas Of The Skin

Episode 3 – One Thing And One Thing Only

Episode 4 – The Short End Of The Stick

Episode 5 – Take Note For Next Time

Episode 6 – More Fiat Than Aston Martin

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